ICL Group – The Leading Authorised Distributor

Founded in 1975, ICL Group has a long history and is the authorised regional distributor of many overseas government mints. With over 45 years of commitment to the coin industry, the Group enjoys a good reputation among collectors. Headquartered in Hong Kong, the Group maintains its presence across Asia.

Authorised Distributor of Multiple Mints

Reputable for Multiple Coin Programmes

  • Summer & Winter Olympic Coins (Authorised by International Olympic Committee)
  • Asian Games Coins (Authorised by Olympic Council of Asia)
  • FIFA World Cup Coins (Authorised by International Federation of Association Football)


Diversified Products

For years, ICL Group has strived to bring collectors the best collecting experience by providing the widest range of collectibles possible. The Group’s collection comes from all over the world, including:

Coins     - Medals

Stamps     - Banknotes

Decorative Paintings     - Décors