Tips for Coin Collecting

  1. What makes a coin collect-worthy?

  • Commemorative values
    If a coin possesses historical significance / high commemorative value / attractive theme, it will be more sought after.
  • Issuing Quantity
    In general, the lower the issue limit, the higher the appreciation potential.
  • Quality
    Quality means if the coin is in good condition. The greater the amount of physical wear, the lower the grade.
  • Precious metal content
    The higher the precious metal content, the higher the intrinsic value.
  • Craftsmanship
    Proof finish coins have a matte finish relief rising from a mirror finished background. The aesthetic beauty of the coins itself will attract many collectors.
  • The Mint
    Commemorative coins issued by world acclaimed government mints are more popular in the long run. A reputable mint with good quality control is favoured by collectors.

2. How to Care for Your Coins & Maintain Their Value?

A.    Do not touch the polished surfaces of the coin/medal with your hands.

B.     When you remove the coin/medal from the presentation case, always hold it by the edges.

C.     The grease in your skin will interact with most metals to produce spots that cannot be removed. Avoid smudging with your fingers.

D.    Do not clean your coin/medal with a towel or tissue, as this may produce hairline scratches.