Hong Kong Year of the Goat Gold Medals Carrying Lucky Connotations

The “Hong Kong Year of the Goat Gold Proof Medals” are from the Mint’s first-ever yellow gold lunar medal series. Each side of their designs carries blissful connotations.



Obverse: A Smart Goat with Persimmons to Bring Good Fortune

  • The obverse depicts a smart goat standing near a branch of thriving persimmons, the fruits of joy under the sun, to denote the blessings of good luck, happiness and prosperity.
  • The words “YEAR OF THE GOAT” are inscribed in both English and Chinese on the top. The year “2015” at the bottom is flanked by a pair of peony blossoms (the flowers of wealth) entwined with vines, to beckon wealth and longevity.


Reverse: Thriving View of Victoria Harbour Denotes a Vigorous Hong Kong

  • The reverse bears the landmark view of Victoria Harbour from the Peak, featuring the two tallest skyscrapers of Hong Kong facing each other across the harbour. Showcasing the splendour of the city as the "Pearl of the Orient" and as an international metropolis, this breathtaking view indicates the city's progress into another golden era!
  • Above the skyline is a blossoming Bauhinia, the city's floral emblem, to symbolise a booming future and, with its five petals to express "five blessings are knocking at your door"!
  • The outer ring features a pair of plump ears of grains to denote opulence, with the inscription “Hong Kong Special Administrative Region” in English and Chinese.